If only you know.

Margo is a dream, fantasy. Margo is whoever you want it to be. Margo is like God. No one has seen God, but we all have our own interpretation on the concept.

Margo is someone beautiful. Just for you. She, he, it, might not be the most amazing being to the world but they are the most amazing to you.

As clich├ęd as that might sound, we would like you to share with us your idea of Margo.

Who is Margo for you?

Tell us.

No. Don't tell us.

Send us a picture.

We would like you to send us a picture and a description of not more than 100 words about the picture or about who is Margo for you.

We will frame the picture in our restaurant and for a month, we will ask the guests to vote on their favourite Margo.

The winner will get a dinner for two at one of our Margo's.

To take part simply send us a high-ish resolution picture (we prefer monochrome pictures) and a short description or related text of no more than 100 words.

You would be able to see your picture in our galleries in our restaurants.

Send the picture as an email attachment to margosmalta at gmail dot com with the email title "who is margo?".

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