Currently we have three locations although we are looking at other outlets to make our pizza more accessible to households. So if you have a suggestion where we should open our next Margo's, let us know. We can be reached by telephone on 27MARGOS.

Mistra Bay

The first Margo’s was opened in Mistra Bay as an extension to our Palazzo Santa Rosa Estate and Restaurant. Set in the idyllic Mistra Bay, it is a refuge to tired feet, minds and souls. Sit outside under the oak trees, sit inside by the fire, it is a point of call for many boats. Families with children visit us because they can let the children run free through our estate.


Latitude / N : 35.9586

Longitude / E : 14.3893

By Road

Follow the road to the North and once you get to Xemxija, proceed to Mellieha. As soon as you leave Xemxija, there is a roundabout, next to a church, go straight and turn on your left 100 metres on. Follow the road to Mistra Bay until you reach Mistra Bay beach.

We are there, right on the beach.

We have a massive car park. Feel free to park there.

By Walk

From Selmun (North of Malta, just outside Mellieha), there is a path that leads to Mistra Bay through the fields. It is about 3 kms. Feels longer on the way back. We think it is meant to.

From Xemxija, there is a path that also leads to Mistra Bay through the Neolithic Ruts. At the roundabout mentioned in the "by road" directions, veer to the path (looks like a disused road – like most secondary roads in Malta). Follow the path. Please do not walk on the main roads. It is way too dangerous.

By Boat

Mistra Bay is in the north and the closest landmark are St. Paul’s Islands. Our inlet is between St. Paul’s Island and Xemxija Bay. We have mooring possibilities.

By Seaplane

Same as per boat, just a bit more cool.


Smack in the middle of Valletta, on Republic Street we occupy an authentic Palazzo dating back to the days of the Knights, an original building from the creation of Valletta.

Past the Main Guard, the Parliament and crossing Archbishop Street, we are a few doors down at 63 Republic Street, the main walking street in Valletta.

St Julians

Here you can find us at 23, St George's Road, St Julian's

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